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How to take the computer transferred to the best

1. The first hard disk boot
There are many people ignore the computer dell vostro 1000 laptop keyboard equipment of the boot sequence, many people will start from the cd-rom, so that in the boot will read cd-rom, if drive have CD will delay your boot. Even if no CD, also can let the system was started reading the cd-rom, for the life of the drive is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to its close.
Press Del button to enter BIOS Setup, select the BIOS Features Setup menu, and then press enter key, enter the parameter Settings interface, in this interface to find and select options Boot Sequence, and then press Page Down key dell vostro 1400 laptop keyboard or Page Up key, select the CDROM, C, A setting system priority from C disk Boot, final connection press the Esc key returned to root menu and select save menu or direct press F10 key saving can.
If you use a Phoneix BIOS in the Boot press F2 key, enter BIOS Settings, select Boot options, and then find the HardDrive items, the continuous press "" number key, make its adjustment to the dell vostro 1500 laptop keyboard former can make sure the machine from the hard disk Boot priority.
2. Enable Quick Boot
Most of the computer BIOS has a Quick Boot item, in the "Advanced BIOS Features (BIOS Advanced options)", it will be set to Enable, such BIOS in every Boot wouldn't hardware detection, can greatly improve the system startup velocity.
3. Shielding off unnecessary equipment
Despite the parallel and serial interface is no longer popular, but there are a lot of motherboard is still at the interface. At this time, we can in the BIOS dell vostro 3450 laptop keyboard will shield off, so that can also speed up the system startup velocity. Enter BIOS, and then select "PNP, PCI&ONBOARD I/O" item, select its Onboard Serial Port1, press PageUp or PageDown key, set it as the Disable (banned) state can turn off the Serial port, press F10 key, save modification, restart your system can. Of course, using this method also can lock IDE2, parallel, USB and floppy disk, etc., this can let Windows not loading their driver, nature would quickly out many.
4. In Windows banned unnecessary hardware
For the machine does not use hardware, don't let Windows reload their driver, can open "control panel", double-click the system icon,dell vostro v3450 laptop keyboard and then click the "hardware" labels, click on "device manager" button to open the "device manager", right-click the corresponding equipment, select "properties", again in the open window click on "equipment usage" drop-down list box, select "don't use this equipment (moved)" and click "ok" button twice confirm change.
5. Reinstall the hardware
If your computer installed more hardware, but confirmed that they no longer useful. That one discharge is not advisability lift, because most people don't know the drive in hard disk where scattered, root impossible to clean. Then we can put all don't hardware take down, and then the Windows installation CD inserted into the drive, and open the dell vostro v3550 laptop keyboard cd-rom SUPPORT \ TOOLS folder, double-click DEPLOY. CAB file, among them all files unzip to a folder (such as d: \ Sysprep), double click one of the Sysprep. Exe file, and press the "ok" button to accept warning information. And selected window "no replacement activation grace period", "use minimize installation" and "detection not plug and play hardware" check box. Press the "back closed" button and the machine will automatically shut down. Restart the computer, Windows XP will let us accept the agreement, input serial number, and can specify the system administrator and password, and at the same time to test hardware and reinstall the driver. Because the Windows to detect and install the driver, so that the system hardware is "clean", will no longer exist redundant drive, the system will naturally fast out many.
6. Prohibit unnecessary service
Now most people use Windows 2000 / XP system, but there are more than 90 service, the default open it up to 30! In fact, as long as six is enough, banning all the dell xps 15 l502x laptop keyboard"do not need to" service will save 12-70 MB of memory, let our computer speed faster.
Press Win R, again services. MSC and return can finding system service management window, then can see system of service, every name followed behind description, double-click any service, will pop up a the properties window. If feeling this service without too much effect, will be able to click on the "stop" button, click on the "start" button can be opened this service. Adjust the dell xps m1330 laptop keyboard service of open, restart your system can be effective.